What are the benefits?

  • Flat file and API Integration
    Upload Sales/purchase order as a CSV or via Gelnius API to populate order details.
    Benefits: Easy to upload, standardized format with limited technical knowledge required. Easy exchange of data, inbound and outbound data transfer. 
  • Routing Guide
    Table of predetermined logic to make carrier and service level selection. 
    Benefits: Reduction of administration errors and optimization of effective carrier and service level selection.
  • Multilingual
    Offered in nine different languages: English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, mandarin(simplified), Russian and Arabic.
    Benefits: Increases opportunity to work with overseas partners and customers.
  • Carrier Integration
    Activate own carrier contracts via your nominated carriers.
    Benefits: Instant access to data, milestones, contract pricing, cross comparison to ensure lowest price and optimum service to create significant savings. Secure space with carriers in advance of complete shipment details, effective mobile tool.
  • Hazmat  Shipping Capability
    Allocate UN number, proper shipping name and classification.

    Benefits: Helps  to ensure compliant shipping.
  • Documents & Label
    Create bill of lading, packing list, commercial invoice and carrier labels. Benefits: Instant creation of all documents and carrier labels.  



  • Saved Search Reporting
    Self-configured report template to generate saved reports.
    Benefits: Allows a user to generate completely customized reports.
  • Calendar
    View shipments on user configured calendar for shipment visibility.
    Benefits: Single view for supply chain visibility and exception management.
  • Address Book
    Upload origin/collection, destination/delivery addresses and contact details.
    Benefits: Significant reduction of overhead and data errors. 
  • Spot Quote
    Allows you to reserve space with carriers with limited information.
    Benefits: Allows use of ad hoc shippers or specialty services.
  • Global Search
    Search any data within the system from one point.
    Benefits: Time saving search function.
  • Batch Printing
    Batch print documents from your system.
    Benefits: Reduction of administrative and physical labor.